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WTF. Seriously unfunny.

225px-MindOfMenciaI made the mistake of having Comedy Central on in the background a couple of days ago while I worked only to be assaulted by the unfunny and racist utterances of Carlos Mencia. The dim-witted comic had his own hour-long show on cable 2005-2008. This particular sketch involved him demanding that the Americans stop patrolling the Mexican border. The Mexicans, already know, according to Mencia, that should one of those crazed Arabs/ Muslims (he’s not too clear on it but that’s how racism works folks), cross into the US from Mexico, that the US-Mexican border will be closed. Mexicans don’t want to see that happen so they’d be the first to tip-off the US border guard. “Senor, senor,” Mencia mimes a Mexican tapping a US security official on his shoulder and pointing out the suspects, “those people they don’t speak Spanish.” Oh, it gets better:

Mencia says that his friend told him, Carlos, you should stop making fun of the Middle Easterners. They’re crazy. A “middle eastern” man who’s standing next to the two friends advises Mencia to listen to his friend pointing out that they are indeed crazy. Mencia responds by saying, no “my people” are crazy! “My people” here has suddenly somehow switched from Mexican to American. Then he treats the audience to the following sketch. These aren’t exact quotations, but pretty close:

Crazy Middle Easterner: We blew up two of your buildings.
Mencia’s punchline: Oh yeah, bitch, we blew up two of your countries! [applause]

Crazy Middle Easterner: We killed thousands.
Mencia’s punchline: I was like, bitch, we killed millions! [applause]

Crazy Middle Easterner: We’re looking for the atomic bomb.
Mencia’s punchline: ooh, you’re looking for one atomic bomb. We already got those. And, guess what bitch we already used it and if you dont believe it, call Japan and talk to the man with 3 penises and 5 balls. That’s how we roll baby!…And we named it Enola Gay, because we wanted them to know they were about to get boned in the ass. That’s how we play the game! [applause. Camera pans to a wide shot and there are some audience members actually standing and applauding Mencia.]

Now, in case, I actually need to explain what’s wrong with this: it’s not satire when you make unclever jokes that dump on those who are already oppressed.

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