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Another 45

update (March 4th, 2013): Unknown men opened fire on a funeral procession of the dead from Abbas Town. 1 killed and another 14 injured, including personnel from the para-military, Rangers.

update (March 4th, 2013): Another two explosions heard near PECHS, a well-to-do location in Karachi. Officials are claiming that it was an electrical PMT blast caused by malfunctioning electrical transformer.

update (March 4th, 2013): Police tear-gassed protesters at Teen Talwar who were demonstrating against the attack on Shia.

To the 163 dead in successive blasts in Quetta this January and February, Pakistanis now add another 45. All three attacks have targeted the Shia community, but while the sectarian organization Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) did take responsibility for the previous murders, no group has come forward to own the latest attack in a predominantly Shia neighborhood in Pakistan’s teeming metropolis, Karachi. In fact, ASWJ, widely believed to be linked to the LeJ, has reportedly condemned the attack, a move many regard as a political feint than a genuine reprobation of the violence.

Pictures of the latest attack by Dawn here and BBC here.

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