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Noted: News & Views Roundup

  1. Pakistan’s Parliament has passed the 18th Amendment. Woohoo!
  2. “The journalist enjoys good standing in his community. He is even likely to be held in awe.” —Studies in Crap
  3. Why is the Active Liberty Institute, a partner of Clinton’s Global Initiative, hosting former Pakistan overlord Pervez Musharraf to talk about curbing extremism and for that matter, why are they charging $50 for students?
  4. The UN has released its report on Benazir Bhutto’s assassination. There were 47 suicide attacks in 2007 with 35 of them taking place after Musharraf’s Red Mosque fiasco.
  5. My friend and reporter, Fahad, has an excellent post about his experiences covering war-torn Swat and surrounding regions. It’s a must read.
  6. Matti Tabbi tears David Brooks a new one after Brooks uses the recent Duke basketball win to explain why he roots for the rich and against the poor.  An excerpt:

If I had to do even five hours of that work today I’d bawl my fucking eyes out for a month straight. I’m not complaining about my current good luck at all, but I would wet myself with shame if I ever heard it said that I work even half as hard as the average diner waitress.

Read it.

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