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US retires Predator drone

After 15 years of use, the US is retiring the Predator drone:

The General Atomics remote-piloted plane entered service in 1995 as the reconnaissance drone RQ-1. But in 1999 it was fitted with Hellfire missiles and re-designated MQ-1, an ad-hoc adaptation that would give it a reputation as a silent assassin.

The first Predator strike is believed to have taken place in Afghanistan in 2002, but it was not until 2004 that the US launched its first drone strike in Pakistan, an attack that killed Taliban leader Nek Muhammad.

Full story here.


On Killing and Dying and TV Commercials

On killing:

“Don’t let other detergents torture your clothes.”


“Keep Love Strong”


And dying:

“My gaze is as fatal as a drone attack.” Ok, this is a song and not a commercial.

Interestingly, this song as well as the Iams commercial speak about death in the idiom of love, or is it love in the idiom of death?

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