Swat in Brooklyn: The War Comes Home

My current project follows refugees from Swat, an uncle and a nephew, as they struggle to come to terms with the death of a relative and the displacement of their family because of the current military operation. These two are part of a small but growing community in Brooklyn whose families are trapped back home  in the conflict between the Taliban and the Pakistani military in the troubled Northwestern Frontier Province.

This family chose to share their grief on learning that a beloved nephew had been killed in the latest army operation in Swat. He was, like others, part of the significant “collateral damage” that has been the hallmark of this conflict. Their families are part of the 3 million displaced and facing one of the worst humanitarian disasters today. These are the new New Yorkers, and this is the story of how the “war on terror” has followed them to Brooklyn.

[This is an early roughcut. More to follow, including footage of the refugees from Karachi.]